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Cathedrals, Churches and Monasteries
Cathedral of San Pietro Bisceglie CATHEDRAL OF SAN PIETRO BISCEGLIE  
The cathedral was dedicated to St. Peter on its foundation in 1073 by Count Normanno Pietro II. It is among the oldest Romanesque churches in Puglia and has witnessed posterior Baroque style re-facing work. The apse, part...  
Cathedral of San Pietro Bisceglie  
Church and Grotto of San Michele Minervino Murge CHURCH AND GROTTO OF SAN MICHELE MINERVINO MURGE  
Located at the foot of Minervino, in a valley found at the end of a natural channel that once was a small river called “Matitani", the grotto of San Michele is a karstic cavern whose formation dates back to the Quaternary...  
Church and Grotto of San Michele Minervino Murge  
Cathedral  Trani CATHEDRAL  TRANI  
Built in honour of St. Nicolas the Pilgrim, work began on this cathedral in 1099, the year in which the saint was canonised. It was completed in 1143 without a bell-tower. In the shape of a...  
Cathedral  Trani  
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Andria CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA ANDRIA  
Dating back to the Norman era, this cathedral was rebuilt and extended in late-Gothic style (XV – XVI centuries) by Duke Francesco II Del Balzo in 1350. It was transformed in Baroque style and...  
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Andria  
San Sabino Cathedral Canosa di Puglia SAN SABINO CATHEDRAL CANOSA DI PUGLIA  
This cathedral is dedicated to St. Sabino, bishop of Canosa during the V century, and was erected around 1080. It was mostly redesigned following the earthquake of 1689 and during the first decades of the nineteenth century,...  
San Sabino Cathedral Canosa di Puglia  
Basilica of Santo Sepolcro Barletta BASILICA OF SANTO SEPOLCRO BARLETTA  
The oldest records of the Church of Santo Sepolcro date back to 1061: in fact, in  a letter from Archbishop Bisanzio he discusses some concessions and privileges granted to the church which already existed in the suburb...  
Basilica of Santo Sepolcro Barletta  
Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore Barletta CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA MAGGIORE BARLETTA  
This church is divided into two separate parts. They are clearly distinguished with a front Romanesque part and a back Gothic part, a sign of long, interrupted periods of construction. Recent...  
Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore Barletta  
Church of the Templars Trani CHURCH OF THE TEMPLARS TRANI  
The Church of Ognissanti, also known as the Church of the Templars and whose apses reflect in the nearby port, was built by the Knights Templar during the first half of the XII century; its basilica plan includes three...  
Church of the Templars Trani  
Church of San Adoeno Bisceglie   CHURCH OF SAN ADOENO BISCEGLIE  
  After the cathedral, this is the oldest church in the city and among the best examples of Romanesque-Pugliese architecture. It was founded in 1074 and the Cirignano,...  
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Minervino Murge   CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA MINERVINO MURGE  
  Dedicated to the Vergine Assunta (Lady of Assumption), this was the seat of the Minervino Bishops from the 11th century up to 1818 (the year when the diocesis...  
Church and Sanctuary Madonna del Sabato Minervino Murge   CHURCH AND SANCTUARY MADONNA DEL SABATO MINERVINO MURGE  
  The Church of the Madonna del Sabato, the protector of the city, was built around the mid 17th century on a grotto excavated from the  tuff rock on the spot...  
Madre S.M. Maggiore Church Corato   MADRE S.M. MAGGIORE CHURCH CORATO  
  According to tradition the oldest information about the church goes back to 1139, even though the actual building preserves very few features from this early construction...  
Church and Monastery of Santa Maria di Colonna Trani   CHURCH AND MONASTERY OF SANTA MARIA DI COLONNA TRANI  
  Located on the peninsula of the same name, about 2 km from the town centre, this monument dates back to the start of the 1100’s. The...  
Church of santa Margherita Bisceglie   CHURCH OF SANTA MARGHERITA BISCEGLIE  
  Of Romanesque-Pugliese architecture, it was founded in 1197 by Falco, a judge in the court of Henry VI and descendent of the Falcone family. Built outside the...  
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